spectrum mobil

spectrum e.V. is a non-profit-organisation that cares for more than 30 years of people with multiple placements obstacles. The association is not in competition with the free economy, but the support measures are in the public interest: social follow-up costs must be avoided, and integration measures must not destroy jobs in the free economy under any circumstances.
All refugees who found a job in a cooperating company will not only receive a technical training on the job for up to five hours a day, but have to work on their language skills as well. To keep them employable spectrum mobil cares for their daily practice routine and develops their job-related skills. They are paid a pocket money of 2-3 Euro per hour because it’s not a full-time job but more an integration measure. There are three modules, an eight months orientation phase, a four to six months qualification phase as a spare on the job and a consecutive two to three years long education phase with ongoing training for a technical position. Usually 70-80% of all those who started on the program finish after three years.